If you are someone who has to travel frequently using Konkan Railway network then, for sure, you might be aware of the fact that Konkan Railway is the biggest rail network in the world established in past five decades. The entire cost of the project is approximately Rs. 2000 crore and it connects the coastal regions of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Travelling on this route is always refreshing as you get to enjoy some of the panoramic views and dazzling waters. Lacks of people commute on this line every day making it one of the most busy rail routes.

It goes without saying that Konkan Railway line is one of the most important rail networks of the country. Konkan Railway Corporation established and since then it has been functioning beyond expectations. This particular railway line starts from Thokur located near Mangalore in Karnataka to Roha that is located in Maharashtra through Goa, next the Western Ghats and Indian West Coast. It is important for you to know that Konkan Rail network has two headquarters – Ratnagiri headquarter in Maharashtra and Karwar headquarters in Karnataka.


No matter where you want to travel, booking ticket is extremely easy. All that you have to do is visit the website of the IRCTC and book online ticket on the basis of region. If you are planning to visit the region during monsoon season then it is suggested that you check the Konkan Railway PNR IRCTC Status Online before leaving your home. It will help you get the complete details about the train you have to board. This specific online facility is of the immense help to people who have to travel frequently. You have to just enter the 10 digit Konkan Railway PNR IRCTC PNR Number to know about the exact details about the train.

Although there are various methods to check the PNR status on the trains running on Konkan railways network but the most preferred and easiest is online method. Since the launch of IRCTC website, most of the passengers prefer using online mode to find out about the details of ticket they have either booked or planning to book. Every time you apply for ticket online, you will be getting PNR number that is written on the left side of the ticket. Using this number you can check the details. Konkan Railway PNR IRCTC status online lets you know the latest about the train. The moment you will insert this 10 digit number, you will get the complete details about the train.

Konkan Railway PNR Status Update is extremely easy thing to do. Just visit this website or any other website offering similar service and just type this number. Within the blink of eye, you will get time table and schedule of the train. Therefore, if you are planning to travel on Konkan Railway then make sure you run Konkan Railway PNR IRCTC Status Check before leaving the home for station so that you can save your precious time and money.

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